A unique show consisting of multi skilled comedians who play music whilst simultaneously performing acrobatics and clever comedy.

They come from Chorbastan, the Imaginary land of nonsense and their Exodus is a journey stretched from imaginary land to reality.
Only in front of the audience, they finally reach their promised land.

“…Their stupidity is intelligently designed”

Duration: 1 hour.

Audience: 100 to 5,000.

Age: Adults though we have a version for all the family.

Indoor as well as Outdoor.

Some of the festivals we did:
Glastonbury festival. England
Chuncheon festival. South Korea
Spancirfest. Varazdin. Croatia

Zwarte cross festival. The Netherlands

Sztuk-Mistrzów festival. Lublin-Poland
Bangkok street festival. Thailand
Tete a Tete festival. Germany
Mood Indigo. Mumbai. India

Da Capo, international street theatre festival. Germany
Cest is the Best festival. Zagreb-Croatia
Modiin festival. Israel
Kremnicke Gagi. Slovakia
Circul’art festival. Bratislava-Slovakia
Jerusalem- Israel
Nijmegen 4 days march festival. The Netherlands
Berlin Lacht festival. Berlin-Germany
Olala festival. Lienz-Austria



Dear Moshe and Asphalt
We enjoyed getting to know you and to see you performing live.
Your interaction with the Mumbai students at the performance was brilliant.

Ya’akov Finkelstein – Consulate General of Israel, Mumbai

You are stunning!!! I have enjoyed every single moment!!!

‏Neema Keness‏

Today I have seen you the second time. You are the official the summer freshener! Keep up your good work!

Tania Feldman

There is no way to explain how funny they are…

Pastoral hotel

Such a unique performance last night.
Thank you Asphalt Theater!

Give these guys a like and a share, they truly deserve it.

Roland Zsigmond

I love the traditions of Ciorbastan. We were in Romania looking for stuff about my dead bunic and stumbled across you guys at PLAI. I also kept saying it wrong. Next time I will carry a picture of bunic meu in my top pocket, like is tradition in Ciorbastan.

Will Chegwidden

Awesomness!!! Very good, Ciorbastan, very good! 😀

Iosif Gilca

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