The Chefs Orchestra.

Walkabout show

A musical clowning show performed by multi-talented chefs, whose menu consists of music from various corners of the world. The artists are constantly moving around and entering into interactions with the audience, serving them unforgettable sounds. Get ready for a delicious musical feast peppered with a display of acrobatics.


* The show is mobile and doesn't need any electric connection.

* Thanks to our long experience, our mobile shows adopt themselves to variable kind of audiences.



Dear Moshe and Asphalt
We enjoyed getting to know you and to see you performing live.
Your interaction with the Mumbai students at the performance was brilliant.

Ya'akov Finkelstein – Consulate General of Israel, Mumbai

Give these guys a like and a share, they truly deserve it.

Roland Zsigmond

There is no way to explain how funny they are…

Pastoral hotel

Awesomness!!! Very good, Ciorbastan, very good! 😀

Iosif Gilca

Today I have seen you the second time. You are the official the summer freshener! Keep up your good work!

Tania Feldman

I love the traditions of Ciorbastan. We were in Romania looking for stuff about my dead bunic and stumbled across you guys at PLAI. I also kept saying it wrong. Next time I will carry a picture of bunic meu in my top pocket, like is tradition in Ciorbastan.

Will Chegwidden

Such a unique performance last night.
Thank you Asphalt Theater!


You are stunning!!! I have enjoyed every single moment!!!

‏Neema Keness‏

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