Jerusalem great rebel survivors

Three ancient locals are popping up from the archeology and surprising the  group while touring Jerusalem.
They tell their story in a surprising performance combining ancient texts, acrobatics, episodes of daily life from 2,000 years ago, flying swords, authentic live music and plenty of intelligent humor.


* Groups from 10 to 100 person.

* Duration 40 minutes.

* Our program is designed for adult groups touring Jerusalem as well as Bar mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah groups (including the “Swords courage test”).

* Program can be adjusted to fit all kinds of groups (Adults, Families, Jewish orthodox etc.)

* Available in various locations in Jerusalem and also at numerous locations all over Israel.


Created and performed by Asphalt Theater, an Israel Got Talent finalist

Some personal words about Bar/ Bat Mitzvah.

As a parent, if we look at significant ceremonies such as marriage, Brith and Bar mitzvah I guess that Bar mitzvah is the event that we have most influence, especially that it occurs in a significant stage of the boy/girl life.
Celebrating a Bar /Bat Mitzvah in Masada is a powerful experience for life.

Celebrating a Bar /Bat Mitzvah in Jerusalem is a powerful experience for life.

We feel privileged to take our special part in creating a Jewish identity of the young boy or girl. We take this responsibility with extra care and are willing to be there in full for you.

A theater that makes history

Just to get a taste of how deep we dug into history and into the materialistic culture of 2000 years ago, have a look at the performance requisites,

סנדלים במיקום מקורי במצדה

These are a woman sandals revealed in Masada. The sandals are exhibited in Israel museum

סנדלי מצדה

We made our sandals by hand as a replica of the 2000 years old sandals revealed at Masada

חליל מצדה

We made our flutes by hand as a replica of the 3000 years old flutes played by the Levites at the holy temple

תוף מצדה

We made our drum by hand as a replica of an ancient drum

סיקא מצדה

The Sikars lived on Masada were called after this dagger

מגן מצדה

Thick leather shield

חנית מצדה

We made our spear by hand as a replica of an ancient double side spear



Dear Moshe and Asphalt
We enjoyed getting to know you and to see you performing live.
Your interaction with the Mumbai students at the performance was brilliant.

Ya'akov Finkelstein – Consulate General of Israel, Mumbai

Give these guys a like and a share, they truly deserve it.

Roland Zsigmond

There is no way to explain how funny they are…

Pastoral hotel

Awesomness!!! Very good, Ciorbastan, very good! 😀

Iosif Gilca

Today I have seen you the second time. You are the official the summer freshener! Keep up your good work!

Tania Feldman

I love the traditions of Ciorbastan. We were in Romania looking for stuff about my dead bunic and stumbled across you guys at PLAI. I also kept saying it wrong. Next time I will carry a picture of bunic meu in my top pocket, like is tradition in Ciorbastan.

Will Chegwidden

Such a unique performance last night.
Thank you Asphalt Theater!


You are stunning!!! I have enjoyed every single moment!!!

‏Neema Keness‏

מוכשרים! מצחיקים! גאונים! היה תענוג
מומלץ היום!


אין לי מילים לבטא את ההנאה, הצחוק, העניין והיצירתיות שלכם. החזקתם את הקהל, זמן רב ללא רגע דל. לרגע לא חשבו מתי ההצגה הולכת להגמר. להפך, המשכתם והפתעתם כל רגע מחדש.
בזכותכם זכינו לחוויה שלא נשכח לעולם. זכינו לשיעור ההיסטוריה המעניין ביותר בחיינו.
מאז נותרו לנו מספר משפטים מההצגה שנכנסו לפנתאון והפכו לשגורים בשפתנו…


אחלה אחלה הצגה! נהנינו המבוגרים והילדים כאחד. מצחיק, שנון, אינטליגנטי ומקסים.
תודה על הופעה איכותית ביותר!

אלונה אורן

נהנינו מאד בהופעה שלכם בשישי האחרון באום אל עומדאן (מודיעין).
נשמח לראות אתכם שוב!
תודה, גל ושרון

‏Sharon Meirovitzh‏

צחקנו הרבה מאוד, ממש בריאות לנפש ולנשמה
מערת הפלמ"ח – משמר העמק

Rivka Roga

גם אנחנו היינו אתמול בהרודיון. אתם מצחיקים, וירטואוזיים ומרתקים.
הנאה צרופה! כל כך כיף שאתם משתפים את הקהל .

אורית ישראלי

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