About us

Asphalt Theater is an ensemble of multi skilled comic performers.
We have performed in festivals in 25 countries in 3 continents with our stage performances and street theater, combining various disciplines such as Live music, Clowning and Acrobatics.
Our music is original and our repertoire is versatile including big stage shows as well as walk about interactive performances.
We have worked together for many years, thus we have our own unique style. All performers of Asphalt Theater can play music, juggle, perform acrobatics, clown-around and communicate “analogically” with the audience.

Our destiny is to add light to the eyes of our audience by creating music performances with the Surprise of the circus, the thrill of  theater and the humor of the clown. 

Asphalt was awarded as The best performing musical theater in Israel by the Resort and Retreat awards 2022. We are also a Got Talent Finalist

Asphalt was founded by Moshe Hanuka who writes, composes, direct and act in all Asphalt’s performances.

Evolution of the performance. The production is an expression of a living process renewing itself in every performance, showing the developmental process of the artist by using his emotional integrity and altering reaction into creative action in the performance.

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